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Restoring Your Health

Simplest Ways to Boost Your Immune System

I decided to write a more in-depth perspective regarding how best to take care of yourself during this current pandemic. These aren't things I 'think' might work--I know they work for other viruses that are still not addressed by conventional medicine.

All auto-immune diseases have some viral component as do Lyme disease, numbness and tingling and the list can go on. I'm writing this so you understand that the foods you eat also play a critical role.

The most important thing any of us can do to fight off viral infections is focus on what foods feed a virus. The worst is eggs. Yes, eggs. In 2013, when I was diagnosed with a b12 deficiency, it was recommended that I started eating eggs on a daily basis since I didn't eat anything processed (prior to that, I ate eggs maybe once or twice a month). So, I took this seriously and began eating eggs daily. The swelling that prospered in my body was incredible--I had created the best feeding frenzy for a virus that I had absolutely no clue about. No one could explain what was taking place. ONE egg can feed a virus for weeks if not months.

Dairy is the second worst food you can eat and will stay in your system for fifteen days. Gluten is your third worst food and will feed any pesky virus for eleven days.

Without question, take these three foods out of your diet if you are worried about catching and feeding a virus.

Your liver is critical to healing your body and as soon as you eat any animal protein (albeit meat, fish, eggs or dairy), the liver stops its most crucial function of HEALING your body because now it must concentrate on digesting these foods. You see, when we eat plants, the liver doesn't stop healing our bodies--especially when they are raw fruits and veggies. We’re giving our bodies the essential nutrition we need to thrive. Think about this the next time you wake up...because every day you wake up your liver wants to do its sole job of healing you and is ready to do that job as long as there isn't any animal protein to interfere.

I ask most people to eat raw vegan at least during the day. A smoothie for breakfast (Medical Medium's Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie), a salad for lunch, adrenal snacks in between and if they really feel the need to eat animal protein, then stick to foods like salmon and cooked veggies for dinner. It gets cold here in Chicago so I’m making vegan soups for dinner at the moment (also, try to save the nuts and seeds for the evening). A secret--the adrenal snacks will help you from self-sabotaging and choosing something you shouldn't eat and I add FRESH THYME to my smoothies--it lowers your viral load.

Mornings are the best time to rev up your immune system because there are less distractions and helps create these habits more easily. After the lemon-ginger water and celery juice, make cucumber asparagus juice and then turmeric-ginger-garlic shot with fresh lime and cayenne (I'll add fresh burdock to revive my liver when I can find it in stock). The turmeric-ginger-garlic shot will give your immune system a much-needed boost. Raw garlic is the most potent food you will ever consume to help destroy a virus while there are supplements which I talked about in my vlog post. Asparagus is the fountain of youth food and cucumber is the most hydrating fruit juiced.

During this time, make sure you get a lot of fresh vitamin C (oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lemons and lime) both living and in supplement form. If you're drinking fresh citrus, please consume within 20 minutes of juicing because its vital nutrition dissipates thereafter. Never get store bought--ever (such a waste of precious fruit). Another reason I love Italy--you walk into any cafe and they squeeze fresh OJ right in front of you. The Vitamin C supplements I highly recommend are Vimergy's MicroC (it's Ester C with rose hips which is a different form of Vitamin C which makes the Ester C more potent) and Lipo Natural's Liposomal C. THis Liposomal C is the most potent, bioavailable form of Vitamin C you can take orally. I take both daily. And take your Liquid Ionic Zinc--gargle with it before your lemon-ginger water every morning! If it’s too hard for you to gargle, then add to the lemon water. Side note: I do sip on lemon water all day only because a few drops of lemon make our water “living” again and is therefore more hydrating. The only time I consume it within five minutes is first thing in the morning.

One thing you can do that is at no cost is restrict how much news you are watching. Stress/adrenaline also feeds viruses and the times I’ve turned on the news is when I feel my adrenaline surge. Focus on what you can do. Call a neighbor, see if they need anything the next time you go to the store. Go out for a walk and soak up some healing sunshine. Do a puzzle with a loved one. If you’re home alone, work on that project you’ve been putting off or add meditation to your daily routine.

The above are essential to all those who are feeling nervous or confused and seek more guidelines as to what they can do right now to help themselves and their loved ones without feeling overwhelmed. Take a deep breath…we will get through this.

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