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Hi! I’m Mary. A health consultant, pilates/yoga instructor, emotion code practitioner, author (using a pseudonym) and mentor.  I’m devoted to empowering you with the right knowledge and tools to live the healthiest and most meaningful life whether you’ve been suffering from any illnesses, physical pains, emotional struggles, weight gain or merely your wish is to get healthier, stronger and more fit.  I’m inspired to be a powerful resource by your side.

I use a unique blend of different healing modalities within my work.  Some of these are from a more in-depth understanding of ancient wisdoms stemming from Vedas, which yoga is derived from, as well as Shamanism, an ancient healing tradition and way of life among indigenous people which connects one with nature and all of creation.  Combining these ancient wisdoms with more modern modalities and advanced research such as the Emotion Code and the Medical Medium you too, can expand your awareness, transform your life and heal your body, mind and soul. 

I’ve been in the health, nutrition and fitness industry for well over a decade and considered myself healthy, strong and active. Still, I was not immune from sickness and my own health took a strange turn in 2011 with chronic vertigo.  By summer 2012, I had my top right rib removed due to a blood clot and two months later, realized my body hadn’t been healing; it was breaking down in more ways than I could comprehend.  I was seeing specialists in Chicago who had no answers for all the swelling, chronic fatigue, memory fog, numbness, tingling among other issues that were creeping into my now foreign body. Mayo opened their doors and a ton of tests later revealed vasculitis, raynaud’s, hashimoto’s and dry eye syndrome to name a few. In the summer of 2015, I tested positive for lyme disease by an integrative doctor I started seeing in Lake Bluff, IL.

By January 2016, I couldn't read or write while my short term memory was nearly nonexistent. My mental and physical states were incomprehensible while my emotional and spiritual selves had completely deflated. I spiraled down a dark hole which I never intended to enter, but my resilience prospered on that long, dim path and I finally found the light at the end of the tunnel; I was introduced to the Medical Medium and he changed my life. I've reversed every symptom.


We all hold the power to heal from nearly every health issue. By having the right knowledge, guidance and tools you too, can have the optimal health each one of us deserves and I can help you on this prosperous journey.

Please note: I have participated in the Medical Medium Practitioner Support Service and am committed to further learning and sharing Medical Medium information. I follow and apply the information shared by Medical Medium Anthony William in my practice.


A healthy person has a thousand dreams while an unhealthy person has only one...
Dream a thousand dreams!


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