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Heal Thy Body

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

There’s so much misinformation out there when it comes to healing our bodies. I personally went through a gamut of them until I was fortunate to find the truth. The Medical Medium’s 28 Day Cleanse is an excellent opportunity for anyone with health issues—or wishes of losing weight—to take a step onto this incredible journey.

The first time I went on the MM 28 Day Cleanse, I felt a much-needed burst of energy and strength that I decided to stay on the cleanse for months—from Spring until Fall. My health and mental clarity vastly improved too, but as the winter months rolled in—shorter and colder days—I craved something warm in the evenings, so I began making vegan soups or roasted potatoes. Which is okay, but it's not as healing as raw vegan. I do the MM 28 Day Cleanse almost quarterly and yesterday marked this day once more. Been posting on Instagram what I’m eating, but thought I’d write something here to help others who are wondering what—or how—to eat. The most important thing is your calorie intake; otherwise you will starve—and that’s not the point of this cleanse. Its sole purpose is to help heal—and we can all benefit from this.

My morning routine begins as soon as the alarm goes off because the b12 is sitting on the nightstand. I hit the alarm and take this essential b12 dose first thing on an empty stomach. Once in the kitchen, a quart of lemon water is made with grated ginger and honey (I also add a liquid probiotic to the water). Before I drink this, I first gargle with the recommended liquid zinc in order for it to go straight into my thyroid before swallowing it; otherwise, you can add the zinc to the lemon water. The lemon water detoxes the liver—an essential part of healing the body. You can’t eat or drink for the next 30 minutes and this is my favorite part of my morning routine—taking a meditation hike. I get up at 5am so I love to head outdoors in the peace and solitude of this precious hour and talk with the Angels. By the time the sun is rising, nature’s symphony is belting out and I’m so honored to partake in this waking beauty.

16 oz of celery juice!

Back at the house, I pull out from the fridge my already cut and washed organic celery and juice enough to drink sixteen ounces. Wait another thirty minutes for the body to absorb this potent celery juice elixir so go ahead and make a few other things during this time. For instance, I like a few more juices in the morning. As of this morning, my new favorite juice is cucumber and asparagus! I need asparagus daily to help my thyroid and juiced asparagus is so sweet and delicious you’d be surprised it’s the same plant! I also juice turmeric, ginger and garlic add half of a squeezed lemon to it and I'll take as a shot later on. I put these two juices aside.

Then it’s time to make the heavy metal detox smoothie (HMDS) for breakfast. If you’ve read the Medical Medium’s first book, then you know he lists other ingredients as an option to add to make the HMDS more potent. I describe this smoothie as the ‘super brain’ smoothie—incredible what it does for the mind, but we hold heavy metals in other organs so it’s essential to get the main five HMDS ingredients daily. I add all the other optional ingredients so it’s the hardcore HMDS (radish leaves, l-glutamine, parsley, thyme, rosemary and when I have it, oregano and sage—I take the zeolite spray after I drink the smoothie). This way you’re removing additional metals and MSG. I also add fresh aloe to my smoothies, too! Still have a bit of time to kill so I make some chaga tea (chaga foraged from Northern Wisconsin) with raw honey as well as a mug of anti-radiation tea.

Everything is ready. My thirty minutes are up and I take a shot of the Orgono Silica. A few minutes later, I gulp down a tablespoon of Liposomal C. Now I have two significant supplements (for me) out of the way that need to be taken on an empty stomach. So much easier getting these done in the morning. I drink my juices and then the smoothie.

The narrow bell glass jars are my favs. They hold slightly less than the bubbly quart size jars, but they fit in your car’s cup holders so they're easy to take it with you.

The adrenal snacks are critical so keep apples, dates and celery sticks with you at all times. This way, you never have to worry about what to do for a quick snack—and you never know when or where you'll get hungry.

Right now, lunch is the Medical Medium's healing Raw Spinach Tomato Soup. It's excellent. I like to add either mango or peaches to it.

More adrenal snacks in the afternoon—do you see how vital calories are? Takes a lot more fruits and veggies to fill you up and that’s why I try to keep everything rinsed and ready to eat.

Dinner has been a chopped salad consisting of butter leaf lettuce, red and yellow peppers, cucumbers and I needed a bit of fat so I added some chunks of avocado—I'll mix up my meals, but like to use things up as I go along. My dressing is lemon juice--no oil. I haven't had oil on a salad in over a year. We've spent our lives gunking up our livers--time to get rid of it!

And before bed—a banana and cherry juice.

Everybody detoxes differently. Some people need to take it slow and add cooked potatoes or other cooked veggies in the evening. Most importantly, be aware of how you’re feeling and stay away from the No Foods—even if you add in more cooked foods. Regarding dinners, I like to make twice as much on one night so I don’t have to make dinner two days in a row. That’s why it’s repetitive from yesterday.

Good luck and please give it a try--your body will thank you!

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