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To Bra or Not to Bra...that is the question!

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post only because I was finishing writing a book in Italy this summer—and have been editing that book ever since. A funny thing happened while I was in Italy…I realized women who were over the age of 30 who didn’t wear a bra had far more beautiful upper arms than the women who were wearing one. Bra wearing women had swollen and puffy arms regardless of weight (and we all know most Europeans don’t have weight issues like here, in the States).

So, I decided this was the best place to stop wearing a bra and see if I noticed a difference with my arms. Guess what? In two weeks, my upper arms slimmed down and showed more muscle definition. Too bad I didn’t take any photos before so I could show them here. Also, back in the States, I am working my arms most days, albeit pilates/yoga moves and a few times a week with weights. It was very frustrating when my arms weren’t looking as defined as they usually are. So what gives?

My first aha moment was connecting the lymph nodes with bras. The best way to explain this is by comparing how a blood pressure cuff feels on your arm when it’s tight. This tightness is very uncomfortable, but your heart is a strong muscle so it can still pump blood. Here’s the thing, your lymph nodes aren’t a strong muscle like your heart. The slightest compression doesn’t allow your lymph nodes to function at optimal levels; meaning they can’t push gunk out if there’s pressure against them. 

Do you have a red mark when you take off your bra? Why is it so many women have flab as they age around the scapulae area and the upper arm area while others don’t? Well, it’s been over four months since I’ve worn a bra and I’m grateful to say I don’t have any flab there. In fact, without telling friends back home what I was doing, a few have made their own observations and said, “you’ve got your old arms back!”. 


There are 600 lymph nodes in the human body. The lymph nodes are responsible for DRAINING lymph—a clear white fluid made of white blood cells. Furthermore, the Medical Medium states that when we have a toxic, sluggish liver (which nearly every person has), the liver is so overburdened that it sends some of this gunk to our lymph nodes. 

There are 150 lymph nodes on each side of our neck (300 total), so half of our lymph nodes reside in this part of the body. The head, groin and armpit/chest area are where the majority of the lymph nodes reside, respectively. This means wearing a bra restricts proper function in the armpit, chest and upper arm lymph nodes.


Most of you are shaking your head, thinking you can’t go without wearing a bra. I wore a 34C. I’ve found these cotton bralettes that do not have a band that I wear under my organic cotton yoga tops (and have cut out the elastic shelf bra from these tops) to help me while working out. Over the summer, all my other tops I didn’t wear anything underneath—I’m talking tanktops that, as far as I could tell, didn’t make a difference if I wore a bra or not…and walking five miles a day like this. Still am.

There was a French study for fifteen years on whether bras improve breast shape. Contrary to what we’ve been told, breasts do NOT lose their shape going braless; in fact, WEARING a bra helps them LOSE their shape because they weaken the breast muscles and make them droop. So you can improve your breast shape by not wearing a bra! 

This same study proved going braless improves perkiness as well as breast health. If breast health is improved, then so is the blood flow, while sweat and dirt are no longer trapped against the skin. Sweating is significant to mention because the first week I didn’t wear one, I couldn’t believe how much my girls were sweating! Detoxing for sure! After that first week, it wasn’t as much of an issue.

No bra allows the lymph nodes to function properly—especially if you wear a tight-fitting bra.

Painful underwire—ugh, don’t get me started. I tried one on not too long ago and that lasted for a second. My body was screaming to get it off! Besides, underwire is metal! It should not be next to your skin--an organ--all day or night.

In the same French study, scientists found wearing a bra may hinder healthy breast tissue. Healthy breast tissue strengthens breast muscles, which can help in the natural formation of stronger, rounder and perkier girls.

Finally, there is no greater relief than not wearing a bra and going free. No itchy lace, toxic synthetic material and what the heck are those toxic foamy pads they put in there!?! Your girls should be able to move like the rest of you!

Every body is different and I know women with larger breasts hesitate to try this, but your body (and your girls!) will thank you! Try to find something that works for you as I did. I mean, let’s face it…the only thing that’s been updated about a bra (which a man invented) is how much more restricting they’ve gotten (ie: athletic bras). I applaud the millennials who seem to wear the bralettes over the standard bra, but no bra is still best. And who doesn’t love having their old arms back!?!

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