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Pros & Cons of Activated Charcoal

Many of you have fallen prey to the *incredible* 'edible' activated charcoal trend. Activated charcoal has become another detox craze where people genuinely believe it'll detox and help heal their bodies. Nothing is further from the truth. It is typically used in an emergency to treat a drug overdose or accidental poisoning--and I'm sure many of you know dogs receive this when they've overeaten chocolate.

In other words, when activated charcoal is administered at sufficient doses, it binds with the drugs or poisons to reduce absorption in the gut. That's a fact and its most common use. Furthermore, suppose you are consuming activated charcoal in a fruit smoothie. Now you're doing a great disservice because the charcoal is leeching onto any healing nutrients that your body craves to help you heal.

It's okay to use powdered charcoal in toothpaste--which I love because it helps whiten your teeth, but always spit it out, no differently than with any other type of toothpaste. You want to rinse your mouth afterward to rid your mouth of all charcoal residual.

Many people dealing with chronic illness have fallen into this trend that activated charcoal will detox them and promote healing. Save yourself from this ridiculous trend. Whatever information you've gathered, charcoal does not leech onto other toxins outside of the gut (ie: the organs or bloodstream). This misleading information only sends you down a destructive and false path. It robs you of any healing benefits from the critical healing foods you should be consuming. Remember that foods either heal us or poison us slowly, and charcoal is not food, nor should it be consumed.

For more information on how to heal, please read my ultimate guide HERE

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