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Restoring Your Health

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Conscious Living

Being vegan, and mostly raw vegan, can be a challenge at first. You’re always searching for great recipes in order to eat savory foods, but also to have a variety of dishes like anybody else. This weekend I had a training course so I prepared ahead of time to make sure I had delicious, healthy lunches rather than being stuck with ordering something I didn’t want.

Had I not been so sick and desperate to get healthy, I’d still be eating healthy, but there’d be foods I’d still be consuming every once in awhile—like animal protein.

It’s been over two years since I started my (mostly raw) vegan journey and without question the hardest part is breaking old habits. It’s so much easier to grab something to eat on the go rather than to plan a few days worth of meals, but on the few occasions I’ve cheated, I took giant leaps backwards. My health deteriorates, I feel ‘dull’, can’t remember and most of all, have no energy. It’s not worth it.

So while we break decade old habits—which we can do—we also have to be mindful about how we eat. So much thought is put into making a dish taste delicious rather than how deliciously healthy we can make it. Eating raw vegan has changed that world for me. The more vibrant colors of food on a plate (or juicer), the more my body jumps for joy. And eating food that is living (raw fruits and veggies) is vital to being healthy. (The word ‘living’ should bounce off this page—it’s ALIVE, not decomposing—especially within the confines of plastic wrap.)

Take conscious living a step further. Why are you making certain choices? Do they benefit you? Your loved ones? Do you feel you get a free pass and can eat unhealthy foods regularly and they won't affect you? Is it easier to eat something unhealthy than healthy and that’s why you grab it? Is it emotional? Do you feel ‘alive’ sitting on the couch doing nothing rather than taking a brisk twenty minute walk? Why do you use certain products on your face, body or hair? Dishwashing or laundry soap? You absorb these, too. There are many healthy products I love which are nontoxic, but the first step is practicing mindfulness in every choice you make.

Don’t be conditioned by what you’ve been told or believe. It’s important for each one of us to step outside our comfort zones and really think about our daily habits, foods we consume and the products we use. They all contribute to a healthy—or unhealthy—lifestyle.

Take baby steps. Don’t throw everything out and start fresh overnight. Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. Habits take time to break. Try eating raw until 4pm everyday—it’s easier than you think. A smoothie for breakfast, a salad for lunch and eating fruit for snacks. Bring conscious living into your everyday life and your body, mind and spirit will thank you.

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