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LIVER CLEANSE 3:6:9 Days 7-9

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Day Seven

Spinach Soup

I love the three-day routines because each day gets better and easier. Now I had to switch gears again--though I was so happy steamed potatoes were tonight's dinner option!

Usually, when I have the healing MM spinach soup, I used to eat half of an avocado, but this is fat-free so I'd just have to see if it'd be that filling for me.

**if you're doing the cleanse, don't use avocado in soup after day three**

Fortunately, the soup was very filling sans avocado. I contemplated not putting the garlic in only because I had a dentist appoint later in the day, but I didn't want to stray from the menu so I stuck with it.

My biggest fear of the day: having two cavity fillings replaced that evening. Was mindful to eat an adrenal snack before leaving (apple, celery and date). Also, had steamed potatoes all packed and ready to eat on the drive since I knew eating afterward wasn't an option. Thankfully, my dentist is well versed in MM protocol so we used carbocaine to numb the area since there isn't epinephrine-like novocaine. Everything went well--primarily because I planned what to eat and had communicated with my dentist. I also took an infrared sauna before appointment to detox my body even further--and because I got the chills after the second round of celery juice in the afternoon.

Day Eight

Little goofy today. A bit light-headed, but was able to get through all the meals that are similar to day seven except dinner was different. The weather is changing again and I did have those old filings replaced (usually I only go to the dentist for a cleaning so haven't had any repairs since I initially had those fillings put in).

Those adrenal snacks are huge! Don't dismiss having a sack of apples, dates and celery with you wherever you go on the liver cleanse.

Total correlation having second celery juice and chills. Happened again today although I do love having celery juice twice in a day! Total game changer!

Day Nine

Wow! Can't believe today is DAY NINE!!! JUICE DAY!!! Tried to plan today as low-key as possible and grateful I did. So interesting the shifts taking place mentally, physically and emotionally. Quiet time was needed for all spaces in my being. Very restorative day. Powerful. Coming back to my own space is the best way I can explain it. Coming home would be more appropriate. I've realized the last three days have brought me closer to my old space--what I'm trying to restore and return to. Even my juicing methods were different this morning. In the past when I've been on juice cleanses, I make such a mess in the kitchen and pour all juices into a big pitcher when I'm doing celery, apple and cucumber combined (or any other combination). Today, my mind was so clear and organized it thought without any effort and I jarred each one separately so I could pour equal amounts into my drinking glass later when I needed. Realizing what I had done without any thought made me so elated because I used to pride myself on how organized I was--and it seems like I've taken a few steps closer to that old me.

Also learned today how much I LOVE papaya juice! OMG new fav juice! Granted, I've learned from this cleanse I need to consume papaya daily (as well as the hibiscus tea). The Liver Cleanse Juice Day has definitely been the easiest juice day I've ever experienced because it's 5:30pm and I'm not light-headed or starving. In fact, I still have two more juices already prepared to drink.

Sure, there have been moments of wanting to eat something ridiculous, but I make sure I drink some juice and it passes.

Also, I took another infrared sauna today and was detoxing/sweating big time in there! Feeling really good. Feeling very much at peace. Feeling I need to do this again--soon!

Without question, this has been the best cleanse experience...and I'm honored that I could do this for my liver which is working so hard every moment I'm alive. It's something each of us should do to honor our body, mind and spirit.

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