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Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Day Four:

I reminded myself to get on the scale since I hadn't since day one and...I lost FIVE POUNDS! The craziest thing is, I haven't done this since I juiced for six days while already eating all raw and low fat (low-fat meaning I wasn't putting oil on my salad dressings and had some avocado--which has been my regiment since June 2017) and THEN did a six-day juice cleanse. I was elated waking up this morning and it pushed me forward--which I needed because today was the longest day preparing things in the kitchen.

Lots of fruits n veggies to clean and chop!

Didn't shop yesterday (NOT a good idea) so I had Whole Foods deliver while I was preparing morning juices/smoothie. Glad I did...all of today was spent in the kitchen (Sunday) except for a short infrared sauna break. I didn't dry brush before the sauna and was sweating big time--which is all good. Wasn't low on energy afterward either.

I juiced my asparagus instead of steaming it with my big old lunch salad.

Asparagus juice is much sweeter than eating it. This is an entire bunch juiced.

What I did notice is after my ginormous dinner salad, I felt like my left ear had swimmer's ear which followed with a swooshing sound. Lasted for about fifteen minutes.

Also, I don't have any feeling on my right triceps muscle area because I had a rib removed in 2012. Some feeling has returned on MM protocol, but there are areas still completely numb. When I finally sat down tonight at 8:30 pm, my triceps was on fire--burning and then itching. Now, twenty minutes later I don't feel a thing.

I dreamt of nachos last night...go figure.

Other change I'm going to make with days 4-6--pulverize salads in Cuisinart instead of sitting there eating for so long. Also, opted not to make the orange salad dressing and only used fresh lemon juice for all salads instead (that's my go to anyways).

Day Five

Definitely learned from day 4. Life was MUCH easier eating salads once they're finely chopped in Cuisinart. Plus, everything was already washed so all I had to do was throw a handful of each item to make the two different salads.

Noticed both day 4 and 5...get really light headed at 5 pm so was better prepared tonight and ate my two apples with dates and celery. All was good afterward.

Since this was my long day working, had no idea how I'd fare. Fortunately, what kept me going (14-hour day of seeing clients with a break in the middle) were the brussels sprouts! Was still eating them while talking with a client until 9:30pm.

Day Six

Frustrated because I've put on two pounds, but this isn't about losing weight (though it is...frustrated weight was gained, but relieved no more bloat issues since I used peppermint oil). It's impossible not to do a head scratch when you're eating fat-free and add two pounds.

Woke up this morning with no bloating, but the right side of my gut was very uncomfortable. Serious toxins getting dumped into the intestines. Crazy how I could feel the toxins being released--and it was not fun. Side note: ever so grateful for having the Gaia Gut and Bloating tea because that calmed things greatly. Obviously can't take anything else for pain. I don't want to even if it's homeopathic there's still a little of something in there that's not good for the liver.

Still ate my prepared salads, but had to go to a prix fixe dinner and fortunately called ahead this morning (their salads are organic) and requested just a big bowl of greens and sliced lemon on the side so I would have something in front of me. It was perfect. Chef Sarah at Prairie Grass even put microgreens in there and gave me a side of sliced veggies so while everyone else was eating their 4-course meal, it basically took me the same amount of time to chomp on my delicious greens!

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