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Heart shaped rock I found hiking the beach on day two of cleanse--always being reminded to love ourselves.

Finally have nine days to do the Medical Medium's Liver Cleanse from Anthony William's newest book, Liver Rescue!

I'll be writing this in three different posts: days 1-3, 4-6 and 7-9 so it'll be easier to read the three sections as each one pertains to different things one must do and of course, that means you'll be detoxing differently for each. Ultimately, day nine is the hardest because it's a day of juicing, but days 4-8 have the least amount of fruit. I know I'll be needing my adrenal snacks on these days; although Anthony writes in the Liver Rescue book that the menu specifically targets not stressing out the adrenals.

Day One:

Started the day with lemon, ginger, honey water before making my 16 ounces of celery juice. Now, the Liver Rescue book doesn't require you to have celery juice until day 4, but as I've been doing this the last three years, I didn't want to stop now. My body needs this green elixir.

I made the Liver Rescue Smoothie from the book for breakfast, but I couldn't give up my heavy metal detox smoothie powders (or cilantro for that matter) and so I mixed the two together. Was good! Both lunch and dinner consisted of salad.

I noticed by early-afternoon was a bit cranky--nothing bad, clients said they were feeling this too, so may have been the weather change. What I really liked was the lack of bloating! Always welcome a decrease in bloating! I loved that my energy soared in the afternoon and had the best night sleep!

Day Two:

I really thought days 1-3 were going to be a no-brainer because it's pretty much how I eat, but day two afternoon proved to be more of a challenge. I always workout more and took an infrared sauna.

A lot of mucous evacuating the gut (hibiscus tea)--sorry if it's a bit TMI, but the truth. Lack of bloating again. I attribute this to the papaya and hibiscus tea! That night was a bad night. My stomach and gut were rocking and a rolling! I was up until 3 am and finally put some peppermint oil on my abs and a heating pad. This is my bloating relief secret that always brings me a great deal of peace (and serious deflating) after a few minutes. Thankfully, after so much discomfort, my secret relief set me free and I could sleep.

Day Three:

I luvvvvv homemade tabouleh! Sans bulgur of course.

Easiest of the three days, but I also made this a ME day so I never left the house. My energy was insanely high and my thoughts were the way I like them: in sync and focused. Too bad we can't have more days like this because...

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