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Restoring Your Health

Is Your Health Well Invested? Or Only Your Retirement Plan.

I met Dane Meadows, a captain in the Air Force, in November 2021 while he navigated his Lyme Disease symptoms. He was already in the hospital, awaiting plasma exchange when I offered to help him on his healing journey.

Dane's muscles had become so exceptionally weak that he could no longer hold his head up. His digestive system was failing. Vasculitis (poor circulation where your blood vessels eventually deteriorate) was another diagnosis. Dane wanted my opinion on plasma exchange which I knew nothing about, so I reached out for help from a dear friend/practitioner so we could come up with answers.

I went through his Facebook photos and could see the rapid decline. Once a vibrant, physically strong individual who had his entire life ahead of him was now struggling to live. Furthermore, most doctors had no clue how to help him.

My primary concern was that Dane was in the hospital. A hospital is not the most excellent place to heal since there is minimal emphasis on a healing diet (I have a drawer full of hospital menus for an article that needs its own attention!). Healing is challenging if you are not eating critical foods to get better—foods that may reverse symptoms. I asked Dane not to eat certain foods (which merely exacerbate his symptoms) while eating more healing foods. As much as Dane tried to convince the staff of his diet changes, that was not a concern, but when they realized he was taking supplements like B12, they made sure to seize those.

A few months passed before I heard from him again.

Dane is now in a nursing home at age 35. while he continues to decline. Red tape deters him from getting medications doctors "believe" will help him, while again, there is no emphasis on nutrition.

16.5% of nursing home residents are under the age of 65. While this may not surprise you, the number of people in their 30s and 40s is rising. As I researched these statistics, the articles I came across claim these younger people are there mainly for rehabilitation. This is false. The majority are the Danes of our society. Modern medicine has yet to understand how to reverse many symptomatic patients while disregarding food as a critical component. Hippocrates was 100% correct when he said food is medicine. Dr. T. Colin Campbell, a cardiologist at Cleveland Clinic, wrote a book I read a decade ago called WHOLE. In this book, he gets into the healing benefits of foods. Countless documentaries also talk about the healing benefits of food—and how corrupt the medical world has become. "What The Health" is one of those documentaries.

Auto-immune diseases are on the rise, both nationally and globally. Studies are no longer valid because they are paid to strive for a specified answer. Doctors I have spoken with are not confident with present-day studies due to these unethical practices. Doctors merely want the correct information to help and heal their patients confidently.

The US Healthcare system is the third largest economy in the United States. In 2020, it grew 9.7% to $4.1 trillion. However, the sad reality is that medicine focuses on managing people's symptoms with prescription drugs rather than reversing and healing them. If we heal an entire nation, then our third largest economy disappears. But I struggle to understand why anyone wants a country full of sick people. Are the health insurance companies and big pharma that corrupt and greedy?

I, too, was diagnosed with vasculitis and Lyme disease. I spent three years at Mayo Clinic while my health severely declined. It took me three years to prove to Mayo Clinic that I was testing false positive for vasculitis (which was confirmed, and Mayo launched a new program to retest everyone). Still, I left there chronically ill. That was in September 2015. While I ate healthy before, I made even more profound changes to my diet. I even bought a juicer and reversed every one of my symptoms. I have not seen a doctor since that last trip to Mayo. That was seven years ago.

You pray night and day to get your health back when you have a chronic illness. We deserve our health rightfully while navigating other life struggles and great joys. Trust me, I was there, crying every night, begging God to please get me back to this thing called life—or to end it all together.

Dane had proudly protected our great country while our country's healthcare system had profoundly failed him in every way. Prior to falling ill, Dane was pursuing a career in federal law enforcement. He was being hired by the DEA and in the process with the FBI as well. All of which have been snatched from him. I pray that Dane and the other Danes of society can regain their health once again so they can return to living and the life they all deserve.

I can't get IVIG or the other treatments I need.

But I get offered painkillers and muscle relaxers at the hospitals. The American healthcare system…

Insurance, hospitals, the VA…entirely unethical; their bottom line will always supersede your genuine care.

Most doctors are ignorant and apathetic, refuse to learn anything new, with an unmatched ego and level of arrogance—overpaid pallbearers, reaching into your wallet at every opportunity. Slugs that bury their bad work.

Good and ethical doctors are up against corrupt insurance and for [max] profit institutions.

Insurance is a scam and not a genuine service. But they'll dictate your access to life-saving care and ensure you can't afford it without their "help."

Medically assisted death should be

legal and available everywhere.

*My initial symptom started immediately after my immunizations in the Air Force, and I got destroyed in 2020 after an infection.

July 27, 2022, Dane Meadows

If you would like to help Dane with medical and rehab bills, HERE is his gofundme page.

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