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**CLEAN**(nontoxic) MAKEUP I LOVE

Most people have no idea how much crap is hiding in their makeup which ultimately gets absorbed through the skin. Over the past few years, I've tried different clean makeup brands but was never satisfied--colors faded all too fast or the colors seemed rather dull. Finally, I discovered Beautycounter last year.

Lead and other heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, aluminum, zinc, chromium and iron can be found in lip products, eyeliner, foundations, eye shadows, blush, concealer...heck, even whitening toothpaste, nail color, moisturizers and even...eye drops! Most people believe makeup is regulated and we're protected. Wrong. Currently, US laws are being re-examined since we allow so many hazardous ingredients in cosmetics and skincare that many other countries ban.

Some of my Beautycounter favs

I was thrilled when I tried Beautycounter. Most products I've tried are even better than the 'toxic' high-end brands I’d been using years ago. I'll list a few that I can't live without. I'll be writing a further post with my favorite skin products, so I'm sticking to strictly makeup here. Also, you can't buy their makeup without a rep so I decided to become one a few months ago.

The tint skin hydrating foundation is light enough to wear every day--even when doing hours of yoga. It stays on all day and I love that the shades match either my tan skin during the warmer months or my olive skin during the winter. I had stopped wearing foundation years ago and happy to find something that's light, healthy and compliments my skin, too.

The touch-up skin concealer pen is also ideal. At first, I thought I got a dud as I couldn't get the liquid out of the pen, but gravity has its advantage! I was pointing the brush up rather than down and all was good once I put my Isaac Newton cap on! Again, great at matching the tones underneath my eyes.

Without question, my absolute fav is their volumizing mascara. Nearly all nontoxic/clean mascaras I've tried, smear--even when I'm completely still. Not this one. Hands down, best mascara I've ever used (they have a lengthening one, too--don't get the wrong one).

There are two different blushes I like: the satin powder blush and the color cream blusher. For those of you around Chicago, you can understand why I'd have two different types of blush. Some seasons are humid while others are dry, so the last thing you want is a blush that's sliding down your face or when it's cold and airy, puckered chapped looking cheeks! The cream blusher can be used on your lips, too. Heck, I've even used it on my eyelids since I keep it in my purse.

In the lipstick category, I've tried the sheer lipsticks and they aren't my fav (granted, I'm olive complected) as I'm constantly reapplying for a hint of color. I'll have to try their intense lipsticks instead, but what I do love is the Beautycounter lip gloss. The color I chose is so flattering and moisturizing! I'm such an OCD organic chapstick kinda gal, but my lips feel just as moisturized with this lip gloss--and it stays on. Best lip gloss on the market!

And finally, I'm digging their Brilliant Brow Gel. I have thick brows and prefer gel because it looks more natural than brow powder or pencil. A definite keeper!

There is a Best of the Best page if you'd rather look at that, but wanted to share some of my favs to help. Keep in mind that heavy metals are building blocks to many health issues and your skin absorbs whatever you put on it. Please be proactive about what you put on your skin, hair and nails in addition to what you put into your mouth. Choose colors that care. You can find my page here; otherwise, if you have questions about the makeup--or any of their other products you can contact me here. Hope you love them as much as I do!

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