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Healing Prophecy

About Me

Hi! I’m Mary. A health consultant, pilates/yoga instructor, emotion code practitioner, author (using a pseudonym) and mentor.  I’m devoted to empowering you with the right knowledge and tools to live the healthiest and most meaningful life whether you’ve been suffering from any illnesses, physical pains, emotional struggles, weight gain or merely your wish is to get healthier, stronger and more fit.  I’m inspired to be a powerful resource by your side.

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Your Body, Mind and Spirit


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As a health consultant, I review your health history with you in a 40-minute consult to decide if we are a good fit to work together. I have designed a course that will g...
New Client Consult
45 min
I am a certified Emotion Code practitioner and studied with Dr Bradley Nelson who created it. Emotionally charged events from our past can still affect us today and this ...
Emotion Code Session
30 min

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